"Bringing together those in need with those who wish to give!"
"Bringing together those in need with those who wish to give!"
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Welcome to Give to Others

Kids Sharing Ice Cream Our Mission: "Bring Together Those In Need With Those Who Wish To Give"

Available In Syracuse, NY, Chicago, IL and Rochester, NY. 

The Give To Others website brings together:

  • Charitable Organizations
  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Businesses

Give To Others provides an efficient and convenient way give and to find items that are needed.

Charities register on the site providing a list of items they need to collect.

Individuals or businesses who wish to give may search the site, reviewing the charity needs, and contributing items and services.

Those families and businesses who wish to give, also may post items and services they wish to give. Charities may select which items are useful for them to help others and contact the giver to arrange the transfer.

Best of all, this service is absolutely free of charge for all to use!

We want your suggestions, thoughts, and questions please contact us by email or call 888-619-0032. We also need your help, please contact us to find out how!