"Bringing together those in need with those who wish to give!"
"Bringing together those in need with those who wish to give!"
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Please describe your item using this form and then press the 'Give' button.

In the description box, quickly get to the point and be clear so that readers will understand what the item is. Look at the other donations for hints on how to describe your item. Keep in mind that the contents of the description box is displayed on the web site. Don't put contact information here that you want to keep private.

The available until date will automatically remove the item from the website after that day. It defaults to one month from now but you can override the date by typing over it.

If you have a digital photo of the item, please upload it to the website using this form.

Finally, your contact information will only be viewable by authorized personnel of charities interested in your donation. Please complete it accurately so that they will be able to reach you regarding your gift.

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