"Bringing together those in need with those who wish to give!"
"Bringing together those in need with those who wish to give!"

Contact Information

Divine Nature at BMR Acres, Inc. Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center
Mary Ellen Rose
BMR Acres 2542 Pine Ridge Road
Canastota, NY 13032
TEL. 1-877-855-4BMR  
Divine Nature At BMR Acres, Inc. is dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured, sick and orphaned wildlife and to promote public education and commitment to the preservation of wildlife. Our goal is to return healthy wild animals back to their habitats. In addition to rehabilitating wildlife, we offer a series of public educational programs to public libraries, churches, schools, scout groups and other organizations. Divine Nature at BMR Acres, Inc.'s personal mission statement is: “Public education and commitment to the preservation of wildlife.” Wildlife conservation remains a major concern in today's society. With more and more natural areas depleted, wildlife must adapt to an ever changing society and environment. We are in a rural area in close proximity to The Great Swamp Conservancy; a natural wildlife habitat and a perfect release area for most wildlife. Divine Nature at BMR Acres, Inc. is licensed to be a wildlife rehabilitator. We will rehab wildlife and once the animal is fully rehabilitated we will release it back into the wild. We are located near a wildlife conservancy where the animals can be released back into the wildlife. When people find injured wildlife they can call us to pick them up or bring them to our facility. We currently do not accept Rabies infected animals and very large animals like bears. We do not accept white tail deer due to disease that is transmitted in the area. We will also educate the public, particularly children, on the proper procedures on when they find injured wildlife or come across wildlife. The goal is to go out to schools and community organizations to do talks on wildlife and wildlife rehabilitation. Divine Nature at BMR Acres, Inc. also educates people on alpacas utilizing animals that we have on the property. Each year the alpacas must be sheared. The fibers are sold from their annual shearing and the funds are used to help support the organization’s activities.

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